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Everybody is trying to improve their health and fitness these days and so gym memberships are at a high. This is great news for gym owners, but this news brings with it the knowledge that a large number of people working out in a confined area is going to need some kind of clean-up plan.

For a gym that is operated by a single person or a small team, the task of cleaning the gym can be overwhelming. However, levels of hygiene must be maintained, and all areas must be cleaned and made safe as often as possible.

Sweating bodies increase the moisture in the air and the number of bacteria present in the building, a combination that is important to tackle to ensure the continued health and safety of all who use the gym – gym staff included.

The bacteria aren’t only in the air of course, whatever a gym-goer touches could be covered in bacteria. This includes every piece of gym equipment, every weight, every handle, every toilet and every shower. Gym users move around a lot, and the bacteria are going to go with them.

Minimising the effect that the bacteria has should be a priority for you to keep you and your visitors safe and well, free from any complications arising from and excess of bacteria.

We offer a comprehensive gym cleaning service that is custom designed for the gym you run. We’ll make everything as good as new, cleaning up any spills, and wiping away as much dangerous bacteria as possible.

Your gym floors, changing rooms, bathrooms, and even doors will need a thorough cleaning, and we are the team that will get the job done well.

Contact Sunset Cleaning to book a full service for your gym, keeping your gym rooms and equipment clean and your patrons happy and healthy.